Month: May 2018


Andrew Wicks is a 6’4 physiotherapist who enjoys wool socks, leg room, and eating pizza. He is thankful for his family and Lactaid. 

A recent patient had an unusual and very specific goal. She wanted to be able to ride an escalator again.

This woman was a vibrant being before her car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). She taught exercise and dance classes. She was an avid downhill skier. She ate life with a knife and fork and asked for dessert.

After her accident, she had to work like mad to regain the ability to walk and talk and think and be. Most things eventually came back. Most things.

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The Bible in the Work of J. K. Rowling

Sara Parks is Assistant Professor in New Testament Studies at the University of Nottingham. Her PhD in Early Judaism and her MA in New Testament and Christian Origins are from McGill University in Montreal. Sara hails from Moncton, New Brunswick—home of the highest tides in the world as well as the most beautiful French. (Désolée, Paris et Montréal!) Sara is a muggle.  (Originally published by Oxford Biblical Studies Online.)

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