Over on Facebook, Jean Buchanan wrote,

“Please pray for people who, like me, cannot figure out what this site is about, what its purpose or objective is. For those of us who scratch our heads and say “aah, what the heck is meant by that”

This was our response:

So, Jean, I appreciate the comment, a lot.

First, there is a lot of satire here. You have to buy into the idea that there is a monastery of Unvirtuous Monks who sit around in chapel with stained glass windows dedicated to Optimus Prime (a robot called a Transformer), She-Ra, and Mister Rogers. Also, there would be statues of Wonder Woman, Doctor Who and Luke Skywalker. All the modern saints.

We re-work prayers and scriptures based on pop culture scenarios, such as cheesy 80s music or Star Wars. There may be the generational disconnect.

We will write a prayer based on the lyrics of a pop song or re-write a scripture based on the same idea: just a little quirky twist.

But when it starts to get serious around here, look out: because the followers of Jesus and those who just kind of like the humorous and irreverent tone here will send in their own pictures and prayers based upon their experience of church and society. What people share can be profound.

Sometimes, just for fun, we do group-building activities where we argue the merits of a topic, such as what would the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth have been like if he had Thor’s hammer?

So here we welcome churchy types and non-church types. Those who believe and those who don’t believe. Some walk away with a smile and some leave ticked off but, at the end of the day, what I’ve noticed most from people’s reactions here is that they are thankful for an online chapel space where they aren’t alone either in their supposed heresy or deeply flawed faithfulness, and that we can have a safe space for all people, not just those who hold firm to a religious doctrine.

Jean, you’re always welcome to grab a robe, light a candle, pull up a pew and offer a prayer, a like, a comment, or a silent nod. Get ticked off if you want. That’s ok, too.

But I’m glad you posted your prayer for understanding! You are not alone!